SHENZHEN LANXIANG MODEL AIRCRAFT CO.,LTD. is a professional company which engages in the design, development, production and marketing of aircraft model. We have a group of enthusiastic and professional personnel specializing in aeromodelling. Through scientific working procedure, long-term practice, perpetual creation, we make satisfying model plane according to the customers’ designing idea. Basing on superior product quality and reasonable price, we get a rapid development during domestic and international marketing competition. What’s more, we also make great contribution to Chinese model industry.

To repay for the customers’ support and trust, we combine designing idea with delicate technique based on principle of quality and culture. Stepping forward vigorously and creatively, we show ourselves on a larger stage of brand operation and strategic extension. Customers' satisfication is Lanxiang's success.

Since foundation, our company brings in domestic and international advanced technology, combining with innovative designing concept.Through continuous effort, we have made a variety of model planes with high quality and competitive price,such as F117,SR71,B2,SU47,F22,JAS39,Mirage 2000 and so on.High emulation F117 has retracts with cover and bomb.SR71 is the airplane with highest speed black bird reconnaissance aircraft in the world.B2 is the best invisible bomber.SU47 have double 360 degree full axis vector thrust with big thrust and it can play 3D action.And also we have airplanes for beginners,like F22,JAS39 and Mirage 2000. F16 and F35 have an excellent flying performance with big thrust and their missiles and tanks can be easily installed/uninstalled.Latest models are Mig29,F22,A10 and F18.They have 360 degree vector thrust and double 70mm ductedfan whose flying perfomance is much better than 90mm ductedfan airplane.  What is more,Mig29 has cockpit ejection and colorful smoking.

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