Product Name:SR-71
Product Model:LX-08004
Length: 1200 mm
Wingspan: 700 mm
Wing Area: 24.5 d
Flying weight: 1050g
EDF Diametre:64mm
Thrust: ≥ 1600g
The kits include
Hobbywing 2*40A ESC
Digital metal 17g servo
2×3500KV Brushless motor
2200mAh /14.8V 25C battery
Product Description

1. EPS foam material
2.Unique design ,only Lanxiang owns the model
3.High simulation,copy the fastest speed plane in the world
4.Twin 64mm EDF
5. HIgh speed at 120km/h
6. Retractable landing gear
7.Stable invert flight
8.Excellent stability of nosing up and down
9.Excellent hedgehopping performance



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