• F4F Blue

    Product Model:LX-08018A
    Length:903mm Wingspan:1200mm propeller :12×6 inch 3 bladed Flying weight:...

  • Sky eagle

    Product Model:LX-08021
    Length:1071mm Wingspan:1600mm Propeller: 8×6 in Flying weight:1050g   The kits inclu...

  • F4U-1

    Product Model:LX-08013A
    Length:1273mm Wingspan:1600mm Wing area: 47.27d㎡ Propeller diameter:18×8in  ...

  • Sky sprite

    Product Model:LX-08020
    Length:1087mm Wingspan:1600mm Propeller diameter:8×6 in Flying weight:1170g The kits inclu...

  • Pitts Python V2

    Product Model:
    Name: 1400mm Pitts Python V2. (3D Aerobatic airplane)   Specifications: Wing span: 1400mm&...

  • F-16 Grey

    Product Model:LX-08009A
    Wingspan: 860mm Length: 1300mm EDF Diameter: 70mm Thrust:≥1300g Fly...

  • F4F Yellow

    Product Model:LX-08018B
    Length:903mm Wingspan:1200mm propeller :12×6 inch 3 bladed Flying weight:1700g Thrust:≥...

  • F-22 Twin 70mm EDF

    Product Model:LX-08008B
    Length:1513mm Wingspan:1046mm EDF diametre:2×70mm Flying weight:2100g Thrust:more than 250...

  • B-25

    Product Model:LX-08017
    Length:1588mm Wingspan:2000mm Wing area:53.3d㎡ Propeller diameter:13&...

  • Mig-29 Grey camo

    Product Model:LX-08010A
    Wingspan:1142mm Length:1514mm EDF diametre:2×70mm Flying weight:2400g Thrust:more than 250...

  • Cessna

    Product Model:LX-08016
    Wingspan:575mm Length:416mm Radio:4CH RC 2×3 g servo  Double motor prop...

  • P-40 Green

    Product Model:LX-08014A
    Length:1711mm Wingspan:2000mm Wing area:67.25d㎡ Propeller diameter:18...
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